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  • What Artie seeks in Vistage candidates

    Artie describes a Vistage group meeting

    Artie describes a Vistage "121"

What Clients Say

  • "During my first three years in Vistage Columbus, I have grown my company 10x. As a person, I’ve grown 1000x -- due, in part, to the extra pushes, careful questions and thoughtful responses from my group members. As a business owner, it’s hard to find consistent accountability. I’m accountable to this group in a deep way. They care about my success and are committed to my goals, as I am to theirs."
    — Becca Apfelstadt, Co-Founder and CEO, treetree
    Member since 2012

    "Vistage Columbus has provided me with the unique combination of compassion and accountability from a team of like-minded business leaders. Over time, the power of Vistage has grown — from the infrastructure and processes of the Vistage organization along with the skills and talents of our Chair to the dynamics of the entire team. We've learned to process issues, offer constructive input and report on outcomes that span all aspects of business. As a result of these valuable practices, many members have experienced sustainable growth. In my case, we've doubled our team, more than doubled our revenues and created a better life/work balance in just three years."
    — Doug Lunne, Founder and CEO, Lunne Marketing Group
    Member since 2011

    "Thank you for inviting me to join Vistage. Vistage Columbus has caused me to put a lot of additional work on my plate, but it has all been needed and beneficial for Turkey Run. Keep challenging me to be a better leader and man."
    — Paul Sipp, CCIM, CEO, Turkey Run, Inc.
    Member since 2012

    "Through Artie and Vistage Columbus, I have enjoyed substantial progress in my business, improving sales, profits, and delegation. My peer group members are the only people in my life who will ask me challenging questions that nobody else has thought to or had the courage to ask me. They help me find answers to challenges by asking great questions, sometimes prodding me to do what I know I should do. We have built a strong mutual trust relationship while working together very effectively."
    — Mark Schuetz, CEO, Replex Plastics
    Member from 2011-2016

    "I was hesitant to invest the time and resources to work with an executive coach but working with Artie through his connection with Vistage Columbus has far surpassed my expectations. I have brought something back from each meeting which has resulted in a significant improvement in my business or my personal life. I highly recommend Artie."
    — Brent Johnson, Managing Partner,Clarus Partners
    Member since 2011

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An Informational Interview

  • Meagan Orton and Artie Isaac discuss Leadership, Coaching, and Keynote Speaking

What Clients Say (continued)

  • "Artie helped us bring attention to our company as an innovation leader by sponsoring a workshop breakfast during an international trade event. By making it quite participatory, he really changed up the 'trade show as usual' and engaged participants with each other. Artie challenged us to adapt some regular creative practices that we learned and I am personally committed to doing them."
    — Mark Crawford, Mont Blanc Gourmet

    "Engaging, inspiring, thought-provoking. Everyone came away with a renewed energy and a revived creative spirit. I look forward to more creative adventures with you."
    — Rachel Rubin, Ohio Library Council

    "An inspiring and stimulating presentation. All of us who were fortunate enough to be in attendance will remember it as one of the best we have ever shared. We are so grateful for your generosity in sharing your insights, humor, and wisdom."
    — Diana C. Beebe, Head Mistresses Association of the East

    "I recently had the pleasure of working with Artie on a major research initiative. He ran a series of complex and quite challenging brainstorms and work sessions. Participants were excited and happy to be involved the entire time — no small feat when each session lasted four hours. More importantly, we generated a tremendous amount of rich insights and business ideas. I recommend Artie without hesitation if you're looking for a unique and inspiring moderator."
    — Avin Narasimhan, Arnold Worldwide

    "Artie presented at our national corporate meeting. He met with our executive team in advance to understand requirements, developed a targeted presentation, and delighted everyone with his blend of business strategy and performance. I recommend Artie for any meeting where you need something more to engage while entertaining your teams.”
    — Kathryn Kendell, Crown Partners

    "Arriving Chevy Chase Bank in 2002, I presented Artie to earn the confidence of my new 412 employees. They LOVED him. (I loved him!) He challenged their paradigms and the status quo, re-igniting their passion. Artie is a magician. I’ve never seen anyone walk into a room and command as much thought-provoking insight on human behavior and how it relates to business and obtaining your goals."
    — Chas Roscow, Tactical Auto Training

    "Artie is a master at engaging people in group settings to draw out innovative and creative thinking. And he makes it fun."
    — Sherief Meleis, Novantas

    "We trust Artie's creative program design and improvisational instincts. His 2010 brainstorming sessions with retail personnel were instrumental in developing our innovative 24-Hour Grace™. So we again turned to Artie for more sessions this year, to help explore how to apply a core ethic of Huntington that could be our competitive advantage. We are delighted with the ideas generated during his productive sessions with our front-line bankers in key business segments."
    — Glen Zehr, Huntington National Bank

    "I've engaged Artie on projects for 10+ years. He's one of the most creative, personable and intelligent people I have ever worked with. He has the highest integrity, delivers on time, and exceeds all expectations."
    — Deborah Sutor, Huntington National Bank

    "Artie Isaac's articulateness, compassion and intelligence are simply unequaled. He has unmatched understanding of certain situations, of teachable moments, of drawing people out into learning arenas that they might not have discovered on their own. If you are considering hiring Artie Isaac, you should."
    — David Trautman, Park National Bank

    "Artie helps us think differently, enabling our perspectives and ideas to blossom beyond usual industry boundaries. His communication skills are unique and inspiring, lifting our team to new innovative heights."
    — Lee Lemke, Huntington National Bank

    "I knew he'd be the highlight of the day, and start us off on a thought-provoking, positive, be-your-best-self note. I was right. One leader remarked to me after the meeting, 'I don’t know anyone who thinks like that guy. I’m thinking about things I never thought of before. He was the best speaker we’ve ever had.' Artie lives his values, and brings them to everything he does. His humor, charm, integrity, intelligence, and quirkiness make him a real treasure."
    — Zoe Klopf Switzer, Goodwill Columbus

    "Everyone I spoke with that attended said that Artie was fabulous, and that they would definitely use some of his suggestions and ideas. Our only regret is spending a brief one hour with him. We wanted more!"
    — Keith Yun, State Auto Insurance

    "Artie spoke at a conference we held for approximately 400 non-profit executives. His session was packed. Some of the attendees' comments are: 'Artie's presentation was great — he's dynamic and the enthusiasm he shows is contagious.' 'Artie's session was great, as expected.' Artie's session received the most positive comments."
    — Debbie Beyer, Fifth Third Bank

    "Artie wowed our audience with a thought-provoking, entertaining and creative presentation. The audience loved his quirky ideas and funny and innovative visuals that aptly illustrated his thoughts. Without a doubt, one of CMC's best speakers and we host more than 100 speakers every year. You can't miss with him!"
    — Jane Scott, Columbus Metropolitan Club

    "Artie Isaac is someone I admire greatly. He exudes tangible charisma and exhibits impeccable character. He is confident yet humble, energetic yet peaceful, brilliant yet filled with a child-like curiosity that enables him to see the world in completely different ways. He is both explorer and teacher, mentor and student. He seems to live life in a way that most of us want to, but never quite figure out how to do. He is a generous, brilliant, and thoroughly delightful person. I learn from him every day and continue to improve my life by learning from his."
    — David E. Bowman, LUCRUM, Inc.

    "Artie Isaac is an incredible facilitator. His unique skill set (gained from experiences in corporate conference rooms, in college classrooms, and on theatre stages), along with his unique style (a blend of good humor and sensitivity), create an environment where the great ideas and insights are developed. He trains and encourages — to unlock the creativity of battle-hardened people who have been unexpectedly called upon to think imaginatively."
    — Glen Zehr, Huntington National Bank