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April 05, 2015


Jonathan Breslau

Good comments. I am most concerned about "multitasking" when it comes to my teen and preteen daughters. Excerpt from a psychologist's blog: "In 2006 scientists at UCLA found that when they are learning, multi-taskers are using different parts of the brain than focused learners. Multi-taskers fire up their striatum, an area which encodes the learning of habits. This is called procedural memory. On the other hand, focused learners (those who focus deeply on a task) are using the hippocampus. This part of the brain is at the heart of the memory circuit. It comes into play when, for example, we are using a math formula to solve a novel problem. Multitasking would be a good skill to learn if we want all of our offspring to work on assembly lines. But it is the ability to do higher level thinking that is involved in getting high paying jobs. We are using this kind of cognitive skill when we are conducting scientific experiments, preparing a legal brief, analyzing data, or developing new software."

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