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March 08, 2014


Bird of the Phoenix Movement

Artie, you recently gifted me your collaborative powers (and personal generosity) in helping to manifest a big step towards reconciliation with a family member who has consistently rejected me for nearly four decades. Soon, this project will come to fruition; at least from my end of the deal (it remains to be seen if the reconciliation will actually occur, but I choose to dwell in the realm of the possible.) I will physically be there, with reconciliation on the table. That is a huge step. I am profoundly thankful.

Now... one good turn deserves another. I believe that good karma begets good karma. Of course, there's always the concept of 'paying it forward', which I make every effort to do on a daily basis. (I think of myself as a superannuated hippie Girl Scout, doing good deeds wherever I can.)

But my question to you is: what kind of collaborative action can I share with you? What are YOUR needs? How can I help?

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