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January 15, 2014


Catherine White

Beautifully written Artie. As for me I well understand the tension for introverts, particularly extroverted or loud introverts.

I agree with you assessment of David Bowie, an artist I've always appreciated and admired. To me, his responses to clumsy questions are witty and elegant. The one response that summed it all up for me was when he looked down at his walking cane, and simply said, "oh dear."

Perhaps that will be what I'll write on my headstone, my parting words, 'oh dear.'

Monica Bower

For some reason all I could think of with your habits was the plight of Leonard Zelig. You bring extreme creativity to interactions, Zelig brought (literal)conformity, but in both cases the definition of self is passive - being defined primarily by the way others react, rather than existing actively 'in a vacuum' where other people happen to be. Here's the interesting question to me - Would you say, based on what you can infer from what Woody Allen gave us - that Zelig was an introvert? or an extrovert?

If you aren't an extrovert, then who is? Charlie Sheen?

Jaron Terry

I remember Young Issac, but never thought you were your company, Artie. Always unique; completely singular!

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