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October 22, 2013


Kelly moser

Words are also culturally and generationally defined. To ignore this is to hinder your own ability to communicate and more importantly, understand interactions with others. If the meaning of a phrase is unclear in the context in which it is said, ask for clarification. Most times a good listener can figure out what the speaker is trying to convey. Don't drink the koolaid of arrogance that convinces you your definition is superior. That's just anal, and old.

Chris Hardie

Thanks for writing this.

Another unfortunate phrase I hear in frequent use is "It made me want to kill myself" or some variation thereof. As someone who has lost friends to suicide, I always cringe when someone uses this expression casually to describe a bad day, an embarrassing moment, etc. Some people even seem drawn to the more violent imagery involved in suicide, making specific references to and hand gestures about *how* they would kill themselves, and I'm always a little taken aback that it passes for acceptable in casual conversation.


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