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February 23, 2013



Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog


Seems like an overly cautious approach to life. I don't have any tattoos or financial leverage or extreme sporting hobbies, but that's just me. I spent enough time in Iraq to have all the excitement I need out of life, but if someone gets some color in their skin, it's harmless except maybe possibly for a conversation occasionally.

Buddy of mine likes the idea that pain is just information. He's been thinking about it for a while and got 'pain' tattooed in a square of binary on his leg. Very cool I thought. A square of 1s and 0s should create a conversation and it looks good and makes him look smart. (also math doesn't change.)

My mom, her sister, and her cousin got a celtic knot symbolizing a number of things - 3 generations mainly. It helped them commemorate and cope with two quick deaths in our family. (also, death doesn't change.)

I would agree that 'don't get a tattoo' is generally good advice, but there are cases where a tattoo is entirely justified.

Diana Schneidman


The Lance Armstrong story is perfect for illustrating your point about tattoos.

It takes a certain type of person to get a tattoo and I am certainly not that type. It’s the ultimate commitment, even stronger than marriage. It’s really till death do you part, and the separation at that point is the soul from the body, not the tattoo from the body.

Plus I hate pain. What if I chicken out half way through the process?


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