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September 30, 2011



Your requirement that the advisor have no investment in the advise really narrows down the pool of advisors. Better to ensure that, just for the purposes of the advice, the advisor put aside conflicting interests. This is like a board member or judge who explains conflicting interests and/or recuses themselves from relevant decisions.

Looked at from the other side, the receiver, then one can greatly increase their pool of advisors if they keep in mind the agenda of the advisors. Agendas are just fine so long as they are known, and that better understanding of the advice given for those with a certain agenda can help the advisee better make an informed decision that best meets their personal interests.

I really liked the point about 1) valuing advice that wasn't given directly to you - common wisdom and 2) giving advice in the form of your actions in a similar situation rather than a suggestion for the other person. That's passing on experience rather than giving uninformed direction.

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