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August 01, 2010



Artie, in his quest to better understand the plight of the American theatre artist, has now taken up the required stint in food-service.


Diane Warren

I have great faith in my staff (after all, I hire people like Artie - not that there's anyone really like Artie) and am confident they will not greet our guests with any "homey" references. Good point though! Our "flatware" is plastic - a mistype in the job description. I do appreciate your concerns and please feel free to keep them coming my way.
Diane Warren, Owner, Katzinger's


Food service is, by far, one of the most humbling industries in which to work. It can also be the most frustrating and the most self-deprecating. Serving others can be extremely rewarding, especially when you get the instant gratification of seeing their response to your actions. However, there are many people out there that lack respect for their fellow man, and feel the need to bite the hand that feeds them.

There have been many fables and stories about kings or gods that disguise themselves as peasants and are treated poorly by the very people that they serve. Our insecurities, as a species, force us to hold stereotypes and assumptions about others, based on appearance and perceived social status.

I prefer to assume nothing and treat people as the deserve to be treated -- as equals. In fact, I prefer to treat people like they are more intelligent and more competent than myself. If you hold people to high expectations, the likelihood of them performing at a higher level is, well, higher. If you expect people to fail and treat them like failures, chances are they will ultimately fail. Self-fullfilling prophecy.

Good luck at your new summer job. I have faith that you will be the best runner that you can be, and then some. I hope you learn a lot from this experience, and I really look forward to reading about your experiences.


Your friend and admirer,


Chris Z.

Two problems here. They seem to be allowing way too much freedom with the greeting "...or a greeting of your choice" allows for ad libs such is "What is up, my homey?"

Secondly, it appears that they require the Runner to purchase each set of flatware that they deliver to the table. As the directions state ("See if the customers already have the silverware that you bought.") This seems to make the job itself cost-ptohibitive for the Runner.

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