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July 31, 2010


Suzanne Barker

Hey Artie, I was just checking out some of the posts re: your new job at Katzinger's! I am humored that you can take so lightly many of the things I took so seriously. I am a little saddened that you waited for me to leave before coming on board but they say "everything happens for a reason" and I'll just have to live with that! Have fun! Suzanne


unadulterated awesomeness

Randy Murray

This is an excellent idea, better than a sabbatical.

I look forward to hearing about what you learn!

Artie Isaac

Go ahead, Walker. Complain about me -- and double my salary!

Walker Evans

Very cool, Artie. I'll do my best to stop in and say hi and not raise too much of a stink. ;)

David E. Bowman


This is brilliant. I hope you find the experience to be rewarding. I will try to find a way to make it to Columbus on a Friday if I can. I will definitely tell my friends up there to swing by and say hello. Enjoy your adventure.

David E. Bowman

Jim Coe

Years ago the Drexel Theatre ran a film that still might hold their record for box office longevity, MY DINNER WITH ANDRE, a delightful conversation between Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn where movie-goers shared a table-side seat.
Now, on Fridays this month, Katzingers Deli presents the engaging theatrical, OUR LUNCH WITH ARTIE.

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