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March 21, 2009



I love the ritual of reading the newspaper. I love it with the first cup of coffee of the day. In the cool months, I love reading it in bed under a ton of blankets. In the warm months, I love to read it outside. After I've read the articles I want to read, I do the crossword puzzles. I love this. What will I do if they stop publishing them? It's not the same on a laptop!


perhaps i just briefly skimmed this post, and my comment will have no relevance whatsoever...such is my ADHD tendency to sample and move. anyway...i've often been asked by peers "how do you know that?" or more impolitely "you're such a smartass, why the hell would i know that?" i really have no idea how i know stuff. not to brag, but i know a LOT of stuff...things i mainly think as useless knowledge, but others don't. i don't know how i know all this, but reading is one way. i know you talked about reading newspapers and periodicals, but, quite frankly, i read none/few of those growing up. as a kid, before the interwebs, i read mainly popular science/mechanics, comic books, and various "how to" books, such as "TV/VCR repair" or "How to be a Locksmith". now? i'm an info junkie, and wake up in the morning having to read through 300 tweets and 20 different webpages before i can really start the day.

i think a key that you pointed out is: you have to be interested in the things you read. you can't learn stuff just for the sake of learning stuff, you won't retain that...stuff. find things you're interested in, and learn about them, understand them. hell, find things you hate, and learn and understand those, too. but you have to have that interest, that connection. and i've found when you learn about something that draws on some passion of yours, you'll find ways to learn about other things, through connections your brain makes between "things you like" and "other things you don't know much about."

i've rambled, haven't i? haha. that's why these days i twitter. compressing your rambling into 140 characters...it's an exercise everyday.

loved your class, and i still ponder my friend kelly's question about the chinese restaurant store fronts...such and interesting observation, ha.

Jim Coe

Agreed...reading a compendium, a newspaper or magazine, allows for the greater probability of serendipity to enter my realm.

This post lead me to Kristof's blog, which lead me to his Twitter ID, which lead me to follow.

When I awoke this morning I never thought I'd be following a NY Times columnist! Now, just where IS that Thomas Friedman anyway?!

Marie R.

By the way, I was not trying to criticize your library visits. I often visit the periodical room of my local library myself, to read the magazines. I love magazines. I subscribe to several, but I still enjoy visiting the library to read the ones to which I do not subscribe.

I was just thinking out loud, in a manner of speaking. It is an interesting conundrum. I'm sad to see the papers go.

Gee, I hope the libraries don't go, too. That would really be depressing.

Marie R.

I'm really disappointed that not only are the newspapers disappearing, but that often the online news comes in video form. I do not like this. I like to read.

Food for thought: Print newspapers are folding due to people getting their news for free online, correct? If that is correct, than is reading the paper at the library for free also contributing to the problem?

It seems like, logically, it would. However, newspapers were available for free at libraries before the internet.

Something to ponder.


I know, I know, I know. I agree with your every word.

As Mr. Hess said in 7th grade Biology, "The meaning of life is: There's no free lunch. Every action has a reaction, intended or unintended."

So, we live in a time where nearly every good action has an ill effect. If I go to give blood today, I drive my car and ruin the earth. And, as you rightly point out, if I choose the support my public library through my use and reduce my consumption of newsprint paper, I further hasten the demise of printed newspapers -- AND I drive my car and ruin the earth.

What's a SNAG (sensitive new age guy) to do?]

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