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November 10, 2008


Jen Chema

I loved this story three years ago when you told it in class at CCAD. I still love it now as a graduate with her first job.

Thank you Artie for being such a great teacher!

Research Proposal

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

Joan McKinney

I had a sales rep once that purchased a bunch of very ugly-not-at-all-Victoria's bras and was going to send them out with a note that read "What's the big Hold Up?". But I stopped him. Perhaps I should have let him send them?! We did send toilet seats, though, with a note that read "there are some things you just don't talk about"... (and when you opened the lid)... and then, there's trade show marketing! It worked!

Darla Dixon

oh yes, I would definitely return the call and keep the letter! Brilliant idea.

kevin croke

If you worked for a PR firm you could send a roll of toilet paper with a note "are you tired of cleaning up your own mess? Let us help..."

As far as a final threat, I'll leave that one up to you...



What is your success rate converting the folks that got the fork letters in to paying clients?

1 in 20? 1 in 10? Maybe better than that?


I have hit that wall so many times with someone who I think is potentially a great client but won't let me get a foot in the door.

But in my narrow experience a breakthrough with this kind of potential client is just deferred frustration. In my case I've never been able to get real business from these types despite huge effort and outlay of my time.

I end up just selling a meeting, not selling my work.

[ARTIE REPLIES:] I don't have an actual number for you. I do know this: (1) The Fork Letter won us meetings. Success still depended on our being the right agency for the prospective client, a ready need, and the client having budget and authority to hire us. (2) The Fork Letter positioned Young Isaac as people who could figure out at least one creative way to get through a closed door with a complex, abstract offer -- which is what many of our clients want.


thanks for sharing with us some common sense information... not that sending a fork through the usps is common, but the idea is; why wait for them give them a reason to come to you...

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