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June 29, 2008


Debora Dyrenforth

I wanted to share as the volunteer concessionaire of the evening, who was asked to join the fun and experience the teaching.

In a footnote I was personally able to bring, I had an accident on the way to the cast party at Katzingers which was closed for the event.

A fireman rescued me from taking out my two front tires just at Fulton near the fire station by sailing over a turn curb barrier I could not see and Artie gave me his Play Producer, Matt Slaybaugh to wield his triple AAA and take me home after the party.

It was immensely kind of them to allow me to have my own drama as they thanked each other. Matt was so focused on making this happen he did not have time to bask and buss.

I learned I was surrounded by my neighbors in the play and they were real.

Oh, and the fireman drove me to the cast party – so I had an escort after all.

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