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March 08, 2008



I can not watch the "news" on television. In addition, I find almost all programs and commercials on TV intolerably grating to my sensibilities. I might be therefore 'out of touch', but who wants to be in touch with that?

At the gym where I am confronted with a dozen or more screens, I ignore them all, and instead, self-amuse by thinking out ideas, wondering at the construction of the ceiling, or simply watching the weather out the window.

Marie R.

What's worse is that now it's getting harder to even read the news. On the one hand, it's nice to be able to access news sites online. On the other, more and more if you want the news, you have to watch it in video format. I can't stand this. I go to washingtonpost.com to READ the news, not watch it. Lately they have had photo essays with sound, so really what you're watching isn't even a photo essay, it's a low cost video. I would at least like the choice of reading text vs watching a video, and less and less can I find that.


I had a professor in college who referred to the news as the "Daily Fear and Loathing Show". I think she was right...

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