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January 09, 2008


Mark Anzalone

Artie, I second your comments about Jewish Family Services. A lot of really great people there who only want to help in every way they can.

Erica Holmes

Mr. Isaac:

I am not much into blog's, but I like what you have going here and I like what I am hearing. You have kept it simple, and kept it real for me. I am a 2007 non-traditional college graduate re-entering the job market, and this job hunting piece has helped. I didn't consider some things and now I have added some of your suggestions. Also, I never met you or your work family, but my cousin works for you (Lorna). She speaks well of you and quotes you all the time. So thank you for your words of encouragement and wisdom! I will call this A.I. (Artie Intelligence), smile!

Erica H.


I love the comment that as an owner, you're always looking for work. I never looked at it that way. It's an unending job interview!

daniel fox

HA! I worked under Gordon at Nationwide - really good dude.

I'm really enjoying my reading, Artie. The TV post the other day had me JUST about cut the cord that minute. then I realized a. i have a wife who would not be pleased, b. she bought me a Wii.


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