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January 23, 2008



I love the story and the honesty with which you share it Artie. My observation lies in the fact that it was an attractive woman with whom you chose to be connected. I completely understand the desire to engage in such intimacy. I wonder about those "unattractive" folks out there and their possibilities for being approached by strangers. The relationship between physical attractiveness and invitations to intimacy (of all sorts) raises many questions for me.

Jonny P.

As noted, the questions of infidelity, or lack thereof, can only be answered by Mr. and Mrs. Isaac and should not be the concern of your readership.

What is the concern of this reader is the possibility that large numbers of people over the last few decades were not approached by you, and elected, for whatever reason, not to approach you, and, thereby, missed out on an hour or two, of what would most certainly have been illuminating and stimulating conversation, and clearly the world is worse off as a result.

Jim Coe

No Artie...

...I don't think you misbehaved.

But I do think you are a one-man "My Dinner With Andre," which might still hold the record at the Drexel for the most-weeks-running.

There should be a brightly-lit marquee in the blogosphere for all to be informed of your latest postings.

Marie R.

This is nice. I think the key to your success with the woman in the coffee shop is simply that you weren't looking for intimacy. You were just looking to enjoy the moment and have a pleasant conversation. Nice things can come from that. Not so nice things come from encounters where a person you don't really know starts off looking for intimacy, which is something that should be many, many steps later in the game. I don't think I would have responded well to a stranger approaching me on the street.

I feel for the woman who had been stalked. I've never had a stalker, but i have learned that when you try to be friendly, and smile a lot, and make pleasant conversation with those around you, there are guys who have poor social skills who interpret the innocent smile and kind word as something more. After a while, you learn to be much more careful with whether or not to proffer such smiles and conversation.

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