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November 15, 2007


Andy Havens

Many people confuse "creativity" with "craft skills." They think that someone who paints well (realistically), writes well, performs music well, etc. etc. is creative. We're stuck in this mode because the thinking of the Industrial Revolution taught us to associate one task with one person; what is your job? what do you do? These questions should be answered with a short reply and a full stop. The "creative careers" were ones where artistic and/or craft disciplines were highly developed, most of which also involve a degree of creativity. But if you talk to people in the arts, you'll find that they learned to be creative the same way that you learn to do anything; through practice.

Not only can creativity be taught, but it can be applied to situations where many people feel that it is unnecessary to be creative. To that I say, "Feh."


We're unschooling homeschoolers (pretty much) and unschooling homeschoolers love to talk this stuff to death because most of us think that people are naturally creative and have the creativity taught OUT Of them and so yes, you can absolutely give people their creativity back by guiding them to rediscover it.

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