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August 13, 2007


Elaine Weinert

Many need to read this.

Marie R.

This story reminds me of "The Life of David Gale." Have you seen this movie? Of course, in the movie version, Kevin Spacey's character actually does sleep with the student, and his life falls apart as a result.

[Artie writes: As I see it, the screenplay for "The Life of Artie Isaac" will be less of a commercial success, but play well at the real HBO, our home's box office.]

Chris Lynch

I wasn't sure that this actually ocurred in the academic world. My former playground was entertainment and I have seen and heard about WAY more than I care to remember. Truly disgusting, all those who participate in such an 'exchange of services.' More so when the 'results' show up onstage in front of the whole world. Geez, if only people would put as much energy into creation and caring as they do in 'macking' on the next 'target.'


Hey, Artie.....I was just in Sturgis last week and met a lot of straight A students......you are truly a good soul.

Ashley V. Routson

In light of this story, I do not think it is appropriate to tell you how I was able to aquire all my A's in college (and oooh there were a lot of them).

Although I joke, I am extremely appalled by this story. Being a recent graduate & an advocate of women's rights, hearing that young women are willing to use such disgraceful tactics disturbs me to great levels. The educational system unfortunately involves objective decision making processes and is not always as fair as idealistic individuals like myself would want to believe.

Donna J. Shepherd

I had to read this after I saw the tantalizing title. Good for you! Show how smart (as if there's any doubt...) you are to meet in public. As you know, my husband is a pastor, and he has the same concerns. It's a shame, but only prudent to protect yourself.

Bless you,
Donna (your fellow aging geek :)

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