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June 18, 2007


Alan Woods

As someone who blundered through his own performance as the stage manager almost a half century ago, then had the chance to revisit the play (in smaller roles) last year at Ohio State, I certainly understand the mixed emotions, and the drive to reapproach. You've chosen good people with whom to collaborate, and I look forward to seeing the work on stage in June--


John D

Every time I feel a little burdened with the stress of life, I seem to end up exploring your blog and finding a little inspiration or reminder of what is important. Thanks, and keep it up. Oh, and sign me up when it comes time for your production of Our Town. I would be equally happy acting as I would cleaning the aisles after its over

Donna J. Shepherd

A nice way to end the reunion, and a lovely story - the student teaching the teacher.

Living an engaged life (I like that!),



Hello there. I somehow manage to keep coming across this blog every few weeks or so. I recently moved back to Ohio from Chicago, and have been researching buying agencies in the area. First of all, I was BLOWN AWAY by the creative quality of the Young Isaac site. Your people do incredible work. Second, I dug deeper and found your great views on parenthood, branding, etc etc. Very thoughtful and insightful. The funniest thing I saw so far were some of your kids comments on your myspace page. Cracks me up. I try every day to live an engaged life. That's a good name for it. I may have to borrow that. We'll call it spreading the gospel.

BUT! I had a meeting with the wonderful people at Dispatch.com last week, and whose face was waving on a banner over 4th street? I wanted to drop in to tell you how much I appreciate all this stuff, but I also know how busy agencies are on any given Wednesday.

So this is it! I'm a fan.

Keep it coming. This particular post was very moving. I think reading Our Town is loooonnng overdue.


kris, in akron

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